Skin of a tree


Yarn (Acrylic, Wool, Plastic),Eyelets,Lubber, Cotton

[70 x 100 cm]

This is an autonomous project to extend the field of painting. In this project, the tactility of yarns worked to enhance the interaction of colour combinations and their variety. The tufting method also worked to show a stout presence.

Tufting is to create three-dimensional textile surfaces. It is invented in Victorian England around the 1800s to secure the fillings in furniture padding from shifting. And developed around North Europe and Scandinavia to create warm garments such as boots and mittens.

The design is inspired by the bark of trees in the park nearby at Mayu’s home. The reddish colour is an exaggeration of the colour of the tree. Instead of providing a greenish impression from the object, the artist decided to go mainly red/pink to yellow scales. The light blue-ish white yarn looks striking on the whole as its length and unique materials, but this presence accentuates the other parts by their differences. Without having different presences in the same piece it is impossible to create harmony. Harmony consists of different tones and interactions. Using multiple colours describe the complexity of human society and its unity.

Comfort is made of the familiarity of everyday life. And It is easy to forget how familiarity is appreciable because it is ordinary and too close to one's subjectivity. And by getting used to the system, colours seem to be looked dulled gradually because human tends to not be excited by already known things. Mayu’s aim is to provide a comfort feeling like a home for people in contemporary society with complex struggles. 

Open Studio at Borgerstraat


Ralph van Meijgaard
Open studio Borgerstraat 2021

This project was organised by Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend and held at Studio Borgerstraat. In 2021, Mayu was invited as a guest artist and made the collaboration with a Dutch painter, Ralph Van Meijgaard. 

Big thanks to the generous openness of Ralph, Mayu made an experimental and challenging attempt on the mural. First of all, Ralph made two different 3m high of murals on the wall at his own studio. Later when Mayu was invited for this collaboration project, she got inspired by this works and expressed the feeling of awe in front of his mural.

Two of the artists were born in completely different locations and generations. And their way of expression in paintings is obviously different. Such water and oil, cannot be mixed up. However, every day in our society, the diversity of different natures are mixed up.

At the end of this project, artists decided to add each other's elements to the other's mural. This action shows how they are different but exist in the same field.

During the exhibition, the conversation history on WhatsApp between Ralph and Mayu has been displayed. This shows how artists communicated over the project and what their motivation behind the work. 

Glas(s)elf vol.3


This was a 7days residency program organised by Oasis&Lagoon, held at The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden.  

New Materialism


Photographer Jesula Toussaint Visser

In this autonomous project, Mayu explored to visualise the dreamy world between material and spiritual with the collaboration of Jesula Toussaint Visser, dancer and photographer.   

The projected images are Mayu’s painting collection that are made in 2017, which was about the visualisation of sounds. She tracked the sounds of surrounding in her room and put colours and textures for each sounds that she found then. According to synesthesia experience in the artist’s early teenage time, these textures and colours were decided by sounds. 

This project is aimed at visualising one’s perception. Fabric works as the connection through perception to a body in the work. The projected images are deformed by the objects and show their immaterial beings. They are beyond a body and still reflecting over a room. Are they probably the visualised sounds? 

How we travel now


Collaboration project with Taka Nawashiro

Art design,
Sound direction

"How We Travel Now" Released January 5, 2020. This is the ambient album project organised by Taka Nawashiro with fellow international artists. This project was run during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taka aimed to picture the various landscapes by creating sound textures with the collaboration of different artists who resides in different countries. The art direction was only limited by online, which made artists experiment with how they communicate and reflect on art pieces.

Taka Nawashiro(Guitar, Sound Texture, Compositions, Mix, Mastering on all the tracks)
Mayu Moris(Artwork, Direction on track 2)
Kana Miyamoto(Flutes, Effects, Compositions on track 3, 4)
Tomoaki Baba(Tenor Saxophone, Sound Design, Mix, Composition on track 6)