How we travel now


Collaboration project with Taka Nawashiro

Art design,
Sound direction

"How We Travel Now" Released January 5, 2020. This is the ambient album project organised by Taka Nawashiro with fellow international artists. This project was run during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taka aimed to picture the various landscapes by creating sound textures with the collaboration of different artists who resides in different countries. The art direction was only limited by online, which made artists experiment with how they communicate and reflect on art pieces.

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Taka Nawashiro(Guitar, Sound Texture, Compositions, Mix, Mastering on all the tracks)
Mayu Moris(Artwork, Direction on track 2)
Kana Miyamoto(Flutes, Effects, Compositions on track 3, 4)
Tomoaki Baba(Tenor Saxophone, Sound Design, Mix, Composition on track 6)