Glas(s)elf. vol3 by oasis & lagoon
The glassfactory, Boda Glasbruk

↑clay sketch; the capture the moment of fluidity/flexibility

The idea for this project is to capture moments of fluidity/flexibility. Mayu wanted to see the represented crease of fabric with glass. Likewise, those 3D digital works that often are made with Cinema4d or Blender, an unexpected combination of texture and visual look playful and sometimes meditative.
This combination of softness and solidness is something that Mayu takes important in daily communication with others.

In the current globalised society, people have various beliefs and ways of expressing themselves as individuals. This space in mind for the belief and how its expressed should be secured in public places. At the same time, protesting and any phobias should also be included here because it is impossible that everyone has the same belief. The group of agreeing and disagreeing are blended over in society like this. In this context, what position and behaviour are appropriate for equal rights?

" I think that malleable understanding towards different personalities is important now. It is acceptance. And it is about listening. I think understanding is something that clicks in the brain, which brings me to show a different angle even just a tiny bit. However, responsing to an unfamiliar idea is a sensitive activity. I need to be careful with my face expression, the selection of words, and also the tempo of nodding! But the sense against a difficulty of understanding is also the part of personality. There's no need to understand everything and sometimes rejection is also good. If something would not be easy to digest, then I will not take it for me. The strong core can support this balance between flexible understanding and solid rejection from my belief." Mayu said.

In the creation process, the skilful glassblowers supported the realisation. When Mayu talked about the idea of the combination of opposite characters, the glassblowers asked to prepare the mould for the ideal shape. Then, Mayu realised her ideal form is something that is interactive with the glassblower at that moment. So, shaping with a mould would be to break this improvisation. And also giving freedom on their hands and decision is relatable for our equal being. The same effort of participation for the project is needed to achieve this project.They tried without pigments first. And at the second tryout, 11 colours are applied. These colours show how it came through during blew till healed in the process. It is the visualised history of how the result was made. The marble colour and creases create a distinctive being as the object.  Besides, cutting the middle of pieces creates more dimensions and different coloured surfaces, which also shows the anatomy of this work.