is a radical inclusive narrative by visualisation with painting and textile. Mayu Morishita as an international citizen who questions the way to offer the bridge between the dualistic perspective.


    how I came to textile design from fine art

Art and 

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Painting for me is just like sleep. My brain can finally process what goes on through making colour and texture on an abstract level. As if a dream processes information, painting functions the same way for me. However, I miss something from my painting practice, which is interaction with people. Painting for me is only an internal journey which I need in my days, but I need sustainable and also instant exchange from outside the world with myself. As a person with unique neural diversion, going outside of my room every day is quite tough. There are some extra efforts needed on normal stuff, whereas fewer efforts are also needed on some other normal stuff.
Discovering what I'm capable of is a challenging task to have daily life for me because of this funky diversion of my tendency. But this doesn't mean that I want to unplug myself from any human interaction. I want to spend every day as everyone does.
Let's build my own pathway.

Probably, the fabric is nice. When I fled from a noisy room, a school counsellor always gave me a softy comfy blanket. The sense of touching showed me the entrance to reality from my psychological world.

Also, I think it's such a pure moment when people touches something through one's skin. There are visual and tactile communication without using any verbal languages. That is when communication occurs. Once there's an event, even a tiny subtle reaction on oneself's perception, that is when human interection starts.This is my fascination. I believe in the value of non-verbal communication. And I would like to share about it with you through fabric.

Let me say something. Although it's something personal and private.


Due to my acoustic processing ability, I was forced to face the hardship to have a basic normal life when I was around 17yrs old. Sounds were just painful on my physical body in general. Therefore, entire social life became painful as well.

This is just one of the cases of mental health struggle.

The causality of mental health crush varies diversly.

This may be caused by unreasonable factors that I had in a long term as my childhood and brought this shape of torture (or special mission).

This is just an ordinary story that everyone has in a varied range. I am just speaking out loud with my own body. Just only the fact that extremeness fascinates me and somewhat this pain attracted me to get obsessed

with?? Maybe just because I have a female body with fluctuated hormonal cycle. Just it was because this hormonal fluctuation was busy as normal as other teenagers. I was an example of not succeeding to deal with this natural system maybe? Or, or also, because of the severe verbal abuse that I experienced from the boy as a kid. My autonomous neuron system functioned diversely? Or just simply only because of the moon cycle. Just simply how it was. nor good nor bad, just it was how it was.

I stopped seeking for the reasons, "why???" . Instead of embracing an unmanageable madness and sadness from unseen somewhere, liberate them and transform into an another shape. Then the invisible massive evil turns to be a supporter of future myself. Then I realised my current problem is missing out of social connection because of my invisible struggles. And by having deepen the research about examples of people who has to lose their basic social opportunity, I am sensing the loophole of social structure. Although it is hard for me to theorise this loophole but instead of it, I practice everyday with art.

Art and Design
-The boundary to design from art-

All textile patterns are designed out of the painting. In my painting, which is so called Fine art practice, I translate all of my wonders, endless questions, and wishes as colors and textures. Wishing all beings include chaos and disorders are united as the whole universe. This can be my vision of utopia. By visualising them in an abstract level, I can generalise the errors that I embrace. And this process enable me to surrender "it is how it is." This is one of my methods of processing information. I very much appreciate the encounter with my dearest friend and brilliant painter, Diana Roig who let me realised the comfort within this artistic practice through our dialog.

And as the next step, I explored the way of being present in community. And it has reached as the wearable objects. I order printed fabrics to the fabric printing company; COTTON BEE.


By detransforming my fine art practice into merchandise, I am able to reach people with my art. Also, it allows me to involve the economic field, it is the way to be indipendent in this modern society. I have got inspired about merchandising of art by Rop van Mierlo from Wildanimals.

How many times have I heard of uncertainty on a financial circumstance by being an artist? Honestly, I’m sick of this logic. Why does the economic field are such critical to cultural field in general? Is it really ethical and inclusive? I could not find it out as an art student. However, I learnt the abstract logic around this relation from Joni Kling. 



“Sonic Agency”, the book by Brandon Labelle, there is an interesting theory about dualistic view between politics and spirituality.